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New Hardwood Sleeper Wall to St Marks Church Bedford

Buildline was asked if we could replace the rotten sleepers and replace with new hardwood ones.

The job itself was straight forward but we were always aware that we were working in a garden of remembrance and due care was taken to cause a minimum of disturbance.

John DayTreasurer Garden of Remembrance

The Garden at St Mark’s, Calder Rise, Bedford has an award winning landscaped area for the internment of ashes.

In 2005 the existing garden was extended around the church. This involved earth works to build-up the land and wooden “sleepers” were let into the ground to support the earth. Unfortunately the quality of the “sleepers” was unsuitable and there was concern that the built-up area could collapse. The trustees were worried about the upheaval and distress and this would have caused to all concerned.

Buildline were approached and they replaced the original wood with new, high-quality, hardwood sleepers. The work was carried out in a very sympathetic way showing great respect for the Garden and its many visitors.

With the new earth support in place the Trustees are confident that its future is secured for many years.

Thank you Buildline for doing such a wonderful job.