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Basement Conversion

When Buildline originally undertook this job it was to carry out all the structural work. i. e the underpinning of the cellar, the reduction of the floor and to lay a new concrete floor.

However, as the project progressed in its infancy the clients decided to ask us to project manage the whole job, from start to completion, which we were more than happy to do.

The main aim of this project was to make the existing cellar usable by reducing the floor level by 1.5m. In doing so the new floor level was lower than the existing foundations, meaning the majority of the existing house had to be underpinned.

After we had underpinned the existing area of the cellar the clients decided that they wanted the new cellar to be larger than the original. This meant that we had to put new brickwork piers and a new steel to take the upstair floor load.

After this was in place we tanked the area and installed underfloor heating with a screed finish. We then had to enlarge the window opening and fit a new window.

A new staircase down into the cellar was fitted to match the existing. We then made and fitted some cupboards to give the appearance of a flat wall. On the other wall we fitted some ready made cupboards to the clients specification.

The clients on this project had very clear and concise ideas of what they required. If you read the clients testimonial you will see that we achieved their requirements. Towards the end of the project the clients asked us to carry out additional decoration to the majority of the house which we happily carried out.

All the work had to be done manually due to the limited access of the hallway. So not only was this a very technical job it was also a very manually intensive project.

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